The effect that exercise has on your mood has actually been shown to be so strong that even a short period without it will have noticeable negative effects.

We all know how much easier it is to sit at home and watch T.V or play a video game after a long and draining day at work. We get it.

It can be seriously difficult to snap out of a pattern of bad habits.

Especially if you live around other people with similar bad habits. And if you’re the only one making the change in your home it can feel like rolling a rock uphill. Sometimes what you need is a complete shock to your routine.

That’s why we offer bootcamps at our gym wetherill park location. Workout with a trained mentor on a consistent schedule to reap the maximum benefits.

Challenge yourself on a whole new level.

Make the time and create the space in your life to carve out the person you dream of being. It’s not quite the feature that you can find anywhere by looking up a fitness park near me.

Variance in your fitness routine is key. It is always important to make sure you change up your workout.

Working out the same muscles daily fails to target smaller supportive muscle groups that you use throughout the day.

Real fitness freaks will dedicate certain days for certain muscles (which is why planning your fitness is so vital), while others might have a daily routine that includes all categories and keeps it full body.

Does that sound complicated? You can let Vitality Fitness do all the work of planning for you with our personalized programs especially tailored to your fitness needs.

We have an outdoor group fitness program called BOOTCAMP – this will keep you motivated and get you into shape in NO TIME!


Unlike other gyms in the area, we are extremely passionate about a personal and positive experiences.


We have a friendly, encouraging and supportive environment for all of our members! We care about everyone who joins our FIT FAM and are here to help you achieve your health and fitness goals


As the only gym wetherill park to offer bootcamps and crossfit programs, our full experience is in-depth and personalized.

After one fitness goal is completed, another will arise.

We hope that we can inspire you to complete these and become your best and healthiest self. This is a service unlike any other gym near me will offer.

team effort at bootcamp last week