Our Boot camp’s aim is to make each individual work to their full potential in each and every session.

No matter what your fitness levels are you will finish each workout feeling like you have given it your all!

Each boot camper will receive a health assessment along with a pre and post season test as well as ongoing nutrition advice and other online services.

Equipment used: Barbells, dumb bells, hurdles, Rope, Logs, tyres, thero-bands, medicine balls, slam balls and boxing gear. We also utilise whatever environmental equipment such as hills, benches and steps.

Boot Camp Prices

6 week Season x 3 sessions per week = $225 ($12.50 per session)

6 week Season x 2 sessions per week =  $180 ($15 per session)  

Casual sessions = $20

12 month Boot Camp Membership

$120 per month unlimited sessions ($30 per week) on a direct debit or $1440 upfront

 Start up fee of $35 includes t shirt and white inner for boxing.     




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