1-on-1 Personal Training

The most effective way to achieve fast, safe and quality results.

One-on-one sessions are designed to each individual’s fitness level. As you improve the sessions intensify to suit your needs. We ensure that after every session you will feel as if you have given it your all and this will accelerate the fitness goals you desire.

Variety is guaranteed when training at Vitality – Health Fitness Management, we have drawn inspiration from many different training techniques and use lots of specialty equipment. We ensure your sessions are never boring.

Personal Training sessions don’t just stop when you leave the studio; we also monitor your nutrition and other training very closely. What you put in your mouth will determine how fast you see results from your training & to further accelerate your results we encourage all our clients to do some other exercise on the days which you don’t have PT sessions. You could even give our Boot Camps a go.

Personal Training sessions will cover:

Cardio training- As your Cardio Vascular endurance increases you will maximise your energy burning capabilities and increase your fitness at the same time.

Resistance training- Using our state-of-the-art resistance training equipment we will help you strengthen, firm and change the shape of your body. Variety is our key to successful results and we use many different styles, techniques and equipment which you won’t find in most other training facilities.

Boxing & Kickboxing – Learn & improve co-ordination as well as confidence all at the same time as having a great high intensity workout. Boxing & Kickboxing really helps tone up your upper and lower body as well as pushing your cardio endurance to the max.

NutritionThis is one of the key factors to successful lifestyle changes. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or train for a specific event/sport we will guide you through the necessary steps to get to your goals.

Every new client undergoes a fitness assessment which includes:

  •  Body Weight
  • Body Fat%
  • Muscle Mass weight
  • Metabolic Age
  • Blood Pressure
  • Girth Measurements
  • Cardio & Strength tests are also available

 Full re-assessment is completed every 6 weeks. Weekly weigh-ins are available on request.


1 session (pay as you go)= $90 per hour

10 sessions = $800 ($80 per hour)*

20 sessions = $1400 ($70 per hour)*

* All sessions must be used in either 10 or 20 weeks respectively.

30 minute sessions are available at 60% of the hourly rate. (for example 1 session Pay-as-you-go for 1 hr is $90, or for 30 mins is $54.00)

Off-peak sessions = $60 per hour (available Monday – Friday between 9am -3pm)

***24 Hour Cancellation Policy does apply ask us for more details.

Our team at Vitality – Health Fitness Management are all fully qualified and recognised by Exercise Australia. We will help you achieve whatever fitness goals you have!

Get Fit and Have Fun – our aim is to make every session fun.

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